The future is an apocalyptic nightmare where the demonic hordes of hell and the underworld have conquered the earth and devoured mankind. Britannia has travelled back through time to the present, hoping to stop that future from ever happening. One by one she combats those demons and prevents them from bringing about hell on earth.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Surprise Gift for Britannia Customers...

Juicy Important Update, every 4 packs of Britannia you get, will get you a rare Britannia Swimsuit Sketchcard !!!! drawn by myself
it takes 4 packs to get a full basecard set, and the reward is this beutiful Sketchcard with a stunning card back by super artist J Fernando Galicia

Whats even more melon popping is this will happen with every Britannia set!!!, So already artists are working on illustrating rare Britannia Swimsuit cards for Britannia 2 next year, This means if your getting 4 packs or more you can build a bonus britannia set up with rare swimsuit cards and your collection will grow with every Britannia set each year.
Packs of Britannia go on sale on the 15th july

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