The future is an apocalyptic nightmare where the demonic hordes of hell and the underworld have conquered the earth and devoured mankind. Britannia has travelled back through time to the present, hoping to stop that future from ever happening. One by one she combats those demons and prevents them from bringing about hell on earth.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Manga and Celtic Britannia

Some people will find a busty brunette babe or a blond french girl alongside Britannia on their cards, those are her best freinds Majesty and Merveille, i've now added their little bio's to the right hand side of the site along with the alternate brand new alternate brit Zombie Britannia who will be appearing in the horror filled sketchcard set Mighty Zombies, more news to follow about that.

Now for some full on Britannia Designs, and each design alters what her demonic foes look like and the world shes beating them senseless in. Manga Britannia is all about giant robots and tenticled monsters chasing schoolgirls around while Celtic Britannia gets in deep with the ancient landscape of britain and it's standing stones, druids and magic.

Manga Britannia

Celtic Britannia

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