The future is an apocalyptic nightmare where the demonic hordes of hell and the underworld have conquered the earth and devoured mankind. Britannia has travelled back through time to the present, hoping to stop that future from ever happening. One by one she combats those demons and prevents them from bringing about hell on earth.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Britannia Packs are In the Mail

Packs are now in the mail for Britannia, since we are based in the countryside and the current british goverment is intent on closing post offices our local Post Office doesnt open all week, so I finally got everyones packs out today.

We expect american customers to have to wait a couple of weeks as your parcels travel through the air, UK customers should get theirs sooner depending on royal mail and the other International customers vary depending where you are in the world, but if your worried just drop us an email.

All the best
Unpleasant Dreams

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