The future is an apocalyptic nightmare where the demonic hordes of hell and the underworld have conquered the earth and devoured mankind. Britannia has travelled back through time to the present, hoping to stop that future from ever happening. One by one she combats those demons and prevents them from bringing about hell on earth.

Monday, 15 July 2013


Packs go on sale at 6:30pm UK time
Look for the PayPal button on the right hand side of the 
Britannia website.

Packs cost £14.50 each
FREE Post and Packing.
Each pack will contain one stunning hand drawn Art Sketch Card drawn and signed by one of our artists
from around the world and an amazing Britannia Basecard. Each pack comes in a lovely little Britannia sleeve.
There are 4 different basecards to collect in total, plus every 4 packs you purchase, you will get
a limited edition Britannia Swimsuit Art Sketch Card.
This set is Limited Edition to only 200 packs!!!
So you can buy as many as you like untill all the packs are sold out and then Paypal wont let you purchase
any more packs.
 There are 2 different cardbacks appearing in the set, here is the main cardback drawn by Boo
with colours by Dave Reynolds and the other Cardback is by Kat Laurange taken from her 
beutiful basecard artwork.
Shipping world wide can take a few weeks, this is due to Royal Mail, USPS etc, since Unpleasant
Dreams is a company based in the United Kingdom.
Good Luck and have a Great Day

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