The future is an apocalyptic nightmare where the demonic hordes of hell and the underworld have conquered the earth and devoured mankind. Britannia has travelled back through time to the present, hoping to stop that future from ever happening. One by one she combats those demons and prevents them from bringing about hell on earth.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Christmas LuckyDip Sketchcard Packs with Britannia 2 Rise of Cuthulu

Christmas Lucky Dip Packs Out Now
and Super Limited Stock!!!
Only £10 plus post and packing
2 sketchcards in every pack

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The year is winding down and as we get ready for the snow and
Christmas, Unpleasant Dreams Cards has already begun preparing for
next year. That means we are ready to release our backup stock from this years sets,
and whats a better way to do it than put them in Lucky Dip Packs with a cool festive
discount, 2 hand drawn sketchcards in a pack by different artists for only £10 a pack!!!.

So you buy a pack, and you could get a Nevermore Alice Flux card and a DeadSexy2 card,
and you can keep buying packs untill they are sold out. There isnt many of them so grab them
while they are there.
If you buy multyple packs theres a chance you will get repeat artists because the packs are so limited and your getting 2 cards in every pack made up from multyple sets, but thats part of the fun.
To make things extra exciting we have taken a few cards from Next Years Britannia 2: Rise of
Cuthulu and randomly put them into a few lucky packs giving everyone something to search for
and get you ready for Next year.

So grab your packs now before they are all sold out and see what you get in yours.

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